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Eyewear Essentials | All About My Favorite Frames

January 8, 2019

My vision was never a problem until a couple years ago. Although my prescription isn’t very high, I still need to wear glasses when the sun starts to set. I owned one pair of prescription glasses that I felt were the perfect frame for my face shape. Since I have a low nose  bridge, eyeglasses with nose pads fit my face best. Luckily, I discovered JINS in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall. Why? Because they have a wide range of glasses with nose pads!


JINS is a company that offers premium quality prescription eyewear that is made in 30 minutes in-store. All of their frames include free lenses for clear single-vision and they offer a wide range of lens options such as JINS SCREEN and JINS SCREEN Night.

  • JINS SCREEN: Blocks out 25% off harmful blue light from digital devices. They are blue light filtering lenses, that can be added to any JINS frame for an additional $60.
  • JINS SCREEN NIGHT: Blocks 60% of the harmful blue light from digital devices. This light suppresses the production of sleep hormone, melatonin.

They only have a few locations here in California. Click here to find the store nearest to you. They also have free shipping for all purchases made online within the United States!


When it comes to choosing a pair of glasses, I mainly gravitate towards brown/tortoise colored frames because tend to look softer on the face. I live near one of their stores so I’ve been fortunate enough to see which frames suit my face. Being a huge fan of JINS eyewear, I’m so excited to share with you my personal collection!

Photos are hyperlinked for your convenience 🙂


Round frames are a fun addition to my collection of glasses. These are part of the AirFrames collection meaning they are very lightweight and comfortable on the face.


These rectangle frame is for more of a sophisticated look. Although it’s not noticeable on these photos, I added JINS SCREEN to this pair specifically because I can imagine myself wearing these in an office.


Round-rimmed glasses are trending and I felt that I needed a pair for myself. I call these my “Harry Potter” glasses. Very minimalist.


These are the most fashionable frames I own. They are Semi-Rimless Cat Eye and I’ve gotten so many compliments every time I wear them out. The blue reflection on the lenses are a good example of how JINS SCREEN looks.

Lastly, my favorite pair of all. These have a soft-light brown shade to them which perfectly fits my style. I wear this pair almost every day because they just look so good 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you guys would like 10% off your JINS purchase, use my promo code: ERICKA10

expires January 28, 2019

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