Summer State of Mind

Summer is my least favorite season because:

  1. I dislike sweating 24/7. This is because my room is the only room in the house without an AC…
  2. I live in the valley where the temperatures tend to be higher than the rest of Los Angeles.

We (my boyfriend & I) decided to go somewhere a little further out of the city one day and ended up  at the Korean Bell of Friendship located in San Pedro, CA. I used to come here a kid and it always brings back memories whenever I visit. The beautiful bell and pavilion sits on top of a hill that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It’s definitely a spot to visit when you’re in Los Angeles.

Getting dressed during the Summer can get get a little difficult for me because I don’t have an AC in my room; therefore, I like to stick with easy-to-slip-on dresses when those temperatures get high.

This lightweight mustard button-front midi dress is perfect for a brunch date with your girlfriends or a Summer date night. It’s detailed with tortoise buttons that contrasts with the rich color of the dress.  I found that the deep plunge neckline balances out with length of the sleeves and dress which looks very flattering on the body. To accessorize, I layered some gold necklaces and gold-rimmed round Ray-bans to cover the blinding sun during the golden hour. I try to stay comfortable 90% of the time, so I paired my outfit with white Keds because…I can :). Outfit details are posted at the bottom.




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