What I Learned After 7 Years in College

May 8, 2018

Everyone’s college experience is different. I decided to take college slowly and at my own pace, especially since I was juggling with working as a barista, joining a pageant, and modeling. I started off in a community college (CC) and didn’t get any advisement on what classes I should be taking to transfer to a university, mainly because I’m stubborn and like to figure things out on my own. I ended up getting an Associate’s Degree in Journalism and Communication Arts after 5 years in a CC and transferring to a 4-year university, where I also started to become more enthusiastic about school. I am a firm believer on teaching yourself what you want to learn, and since transferring, I was so motivated in succeeding. Failure is inevitable, but overcoming it is what matters. Here are 7 things I learned after 7 years of being in college:

  1. Be ahead of your assignments. It took me a while to find a consistent pace on doing my school work and after learning that it’s better to have everything done before the deadline, being a perfectionist in my work shouldn’t be the main priority.
  2. Stay organized. Depending on how you take notes, digitally or handwritten, it’s important to keep all of your work organized to stay on top of assignments.
  3. Don’t skip class. To keep it simple, there is always something important that you might not want to miss.
  4. Always have a goal. Having a goal to work towards, whether it be big or small, kept me motivated to complete it.
  5. It’s hard to find the best study method that works for you. It wasn’t until my final two years of college that I found the best study method for me. I tried many different ways to help me concentrate and the best method for me is to listen to classical piano instrumentals with noise-cancelling headphones while studying in the dark.
  6. Manage your time wisely. Doing homework isn’t the most fun thing to do, but I learned that getting it out of the way gives me one less thing to stress about. It doesn’t hurt to spare some hours in your day to finish an assignment when at the end you’ll have more leisure time.
  7. Sleep is important. In my entire college career, I never pulled an all nighter. I knew my body doesn’t function when I’m lacking sleep and caffeine never helped.

Life isn’t a race. What’s important is what you have achieved and what you know you’re good at. Although college isn’t for everyone, this experience is one I will always look back on and be proud of.

By erickabernabe

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