Travel Diaries: Vancouver

January 22, 2018

Go someplace you’ve never been before. That is exactly what I did in 2017. My boyfriend and I have always talked about traveling to new places together and on one sunny Saturday afternoon in May, we decided to book a spontaneous round-trip flight to Vancouver, B.C., Canada a week later! It was both of our first time traveling outside of the U.S. as adults and without our parents.

IMG_2523 (1)VIEW

We stayed in an Airbnb for 4½ nights. Our room had an amazing view and luckily was located near EVERYTHING. The very first thing I did after settling in our room was…buy 3 bags of Lays Ketchup Chips because…who wouldn’t?


Granville Island

IMG_1627Vancouver Lookout

Stanley Park

Sea to Sky Gondola

Capilano Suspension Bridge

My boyfriend has a friend who resides in Vancouver and he was kind enough to take us to two suspension bridges in one day. I am terrified of heights; although, I do try my best to hide it. One would think that after walking through two mighty long bridges within a day, my fear of heights would have evaporated into thin air (pun intended)…NOPE.

IMG_3169VanDusen Botanical Garden

Queen Elizabeth Park

This trip to Vancouver was the most relaxing vacation I’ve been to so far. During our stay, we both found a new appreciation for nature, clean air, and exploring!

If you haven’t been to Vancouver, B.C. I definitely recommend it!


By erickabernabe

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